Cyber threat intelligence

EVRISKO is a boutique company headquartered in New Jersey.

We produce high-value cyber threat intelligence for our clientèle and prevent potential multi-million dollar losses caused by ineffective security. Our team consists of highly experienced intelligence analysts and world-class cybersecurity experts. An unorthodox approach and rigorously designed clandestine operations allow our company to meet a wide range of our customers' needs.

Buried in the vast underground of the Dark Web, professional cyber criminal’s conversations and plots are occurring that have a direct impact on your industry, company, employees, and customers. Hackers may be plotting a campaign against your organization that is meant to damage your brand.

Monitoring public paste sites is not sufficient for effective research, and the data that shows up there is usually out of date. Though extremely valuable to both cyber and physical security teams, gathering data and gleaning intelligence from the Dark Web is extraordinarily difficult. It is estimated that over 90% of the Internet is not indexed. There is no single entry point or gateway to these illicit communities. You have to know where to begin, establish trust, and eventually get asked the party. This process can take months or years. Even if you were shown where to go within the Dark Web, you can’t just enter these communities by knocking. Gaining access to these communities that are constantly looking for moles requires substantial credibility with underground professionals.

True expertise and practiced tradecraft in illicit and malicious communities are skills that are extremely difficult to find when recruiting talent. It takes a special kind of researcher to engage in the dual-life required to delve into the Dark Web and retrieve valuable intelligence. Someone with amazing social engineering skills as well as technical, linguistic, and cultural skills is necessary to match wits with threat actors. Cybercriminals operate all over the world in communities where English is not used. Furthermore, fluency in languages is simply not enough. Your researchers need to have the substantive cultural knowledge to understand these communities’ idioms, slang, social norms, and memes. Your team must be able to blend in with your adversaries in highly paranoid regions of the Internet where one misstatement can not only result in you being ejected from the community but also raise the ire of the entire community against you.

Effective research and data gathering in these illicit communities mean your researchers have to establish trust. Security researchers must slowly and painstakingly work their way into the upper echelons of these underground communities. The effort to establish trust can take years. Once you have managed to pass the vetting process, surviving in these communities requires flawless operational security. An errant technical leak or even mere suspicion can jeopardize not only your access to the community but can also invite the wrath of the community upon your company in revenge.

Dark Web Intelligence includes, but is not limited to, our presence on the most prominent black market billboards, sophisticated communications networks, and clandestine operations within the elite underground community.